Racist Rant

I had the opportunity the other day to do a ride-along with a police officer I consider a brother and a friend. I take all opportunities to ride along as often as I can, and with as many officers around the country as I can. These ride-alongs remind me never to forget the nature of the job and the sacrifices those in law enforcement make for us every day.

Beyond Betrayal

Betrayal. There are very few of us who haven’t experienced it at some level. For some, betrayal can be the crushing blow that’s allowed to define their life moving forward; for others it can be the fuel that motivates them to persevere and overcome. If you ever need a poster girl for betrayal, a how-to example of living beyond it, look no further than Natalie Lopez.

The Land of OZ

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich of Spokane County, Washington, was thrust into the job at the hasty departure of the last sheriff. He, too, has faced death, sneered at doom, and chuckled at catastrophe, but this Oz, despite the enormity of the job and its big-boy shoes to fill, has never hidden behind the curtain or professed to be anything he is not. I have known Ozzie Knezovich for many years. By almost every account, he is one of the most popular sheriffs ever to hold the office in Spokane.

The Terminal List

You can do a lot to a tolerant, ethical, honorable man and patriot, but threaten or harm his wife or children and all bets are off. There are a few things in life worth prison, a few things worth dying for—and messing with a man’s family is right up there on the list. If you knew that you were going to die soon; maybe not tomorrow but certainly in the near future, that would almost certainly tip the scale in your deepest thought process toward vigilante justice…



STRONG EAGLE MEDIA sat down with American Patriots Unsung Magazine to share the story behind the making of Citizen Soldier (now available on DVD), which is an award-winning film and firsthand account of soldiers at war. Directors/Producers David Salzberg, Christian Trudeau, Eran Harrill, and others on their team share the story behind the story, as well as the men and women who changed their lives along the journey.

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